I am an architect working within the field of graphic design. I hold a degree in architecture from the Aarhus School of Architecture and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Previous clients and employers include Arcgency Architects, Gudberg Nerger, Labland Architects, Baggrund.com, Passive/Aggressive, Prauda and the Aarhus School of Architecture.

I am currently based in Aarhus, Denmark and is available for hire and open to collaborations.

Say hi: matskafte@gmail.com, 004540946648, @matskafte

Mathias Skafte Information
00 Introduction
I am an architect working with graphic design. The following is a selection of my work, both academic and professional.
01 Passive/ Aggressive
Independent publication providing a platform for young musical artists to present and explore their work through writing.

June 2017

ISSN: 2245-862X
Format: 90x140
Run: 300
02 Architectural Drawings
Drawings for academic and professional projects produced with both analog and digital techniques.

03 Den Østjyske Millionby
Anthology of texts and photographs exploring the urban development of Eastern Jutland.

May 2017

ISBN: 978-87-874-8730-6
Format: 140x205
Run: 400
04 On Page Online On Show
Thesis project from the Aarhus School of Architecture exploring the relationship between books, architecture, and the internet.

January 2017

Format: 140x205
Run: 10 (Handbound)
05 Johannes Kuczera
Web and on-request portfolios for photographer Johannes Kuczera.

June 2017
06 Polemik
Spreads and covers of selected issues of the independently published critical architectural journal Polemik.


Format: 130x200
Run: 100–150
07 Absalon
A former church transformed into a neighborhood culture house. Absalon facilitates ping-pong tournaments, common dinners, yoga classesand much more.

August 2015

Worked on as an employee at Arcgency Architects.
08 Posters
Posters created as commissioned and personal work.

09 Constructing an Archive
A collection of work produced by the students of Studio Constructing an Archive at the Aarhus School of Architecture during the academic year 2015/2016.

June 2016

ISBN: 978-87-87-90939-57-7
Format: 190x270
Run: 50
10 Peopleside
Pavillion built for the Northside Festival 2014 in Aarhus. The pavillion was based on a foundation of repurposed shipping containers, in which the rest of the pavillion could be stored. It was re-constructed at the Festival 2015.

The project was the result of a colloborative effort between architects, designers and artists.

June 2014
XX Colophon
Published August 2017.

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